Ever spin a cloud? Well here is your chance!
♥ Lovely harvested, Organic, and CAREFULLY CARDED on my 3 drum electric carder. This 100% German Angora Rabbit Wool is a lusciously soft, warm silver gray color. There is a little OVER 4 ounces of some of the softest fiber on earth!
This 100% Angora fiber is carded in a large roving (over 36" long) that you can separate into smaller spinning handfuls and will be a joy to spin!. If you have ever spun Angora Rabbit fiber you know it will go a long way! It is extremely fine and blends or ply's well with other fibers.

♥ Color: Silver/Gray
♥ 100% Angora fiber, NOT blended with other fiber!
♥ Fun to dye!
♥ No vegetable matter!
♥ Easy for beginners!
♥ Staple length averages around 3" +/-
♥ Perfect fiber for baby items, mittens, hats, and socks.
♥ Can be worn next to the skin (very soft)
♥ It is 7 times warmer than sheep's wool!

This listing is for OVER 4 ounces.
If you are new to spinning angora, it is best to spin with very light tension or no tension. It also blends wonderfully with other fibers, such as sheep's wool, alpaca, etc.

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Carded Fiber - Silver/Gray 100% German Angora Wool

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