I started raising Angora rabbits because I thought they were so cute and wanted a source of fiber for my spinning. I have had Sheep, but I thought the Angora Rabbits were much easier to deal with. I saw my first Angora rabbit in a pet store, and from there found my first fuzzy critters over 22 years ago.

I use to do a lot of showing but have slowed down over the years. I found it much more enjoying to do my fiber art than show. I go to 1 show a year now at Dalton, Ga. basically to see all my friends and trade bunnies.

I am currently working on Blue Eyed White Satin Angoras. I have gotten them back being purebred now and will work on some tiny things I feel need improving on them. I hope to introduce them to the show table soon and see how they do against the other satins.



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