angora rabbits for sale

German Angora Rabbits Available

Blue Eyed German Angora Buck

Here is a list of my babies that are available. All the bunnies on this page are PUREBRED German Angoras unless stated in the description of the picture. They will come with a full pedigree. If you have questions or want to purchase a bunny, please make sure you refer to their number. No babies will leave here until they are weaned at 8 weeks. A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to hold the bunny and mark it as yours. If you want to know more about a bunny please fill out the form below. If you need a transporter, look at my transporters page for links.

Babies born 1-11-21 There are 3 Blacks, 3 Lilac Torts, 1 Chocolate Agouti


Bunny Information
Fill out the form below to ask about a bunny. I will get right back to you. Thanks for visiting Woolie Creations!

These Germans are under contract. They are on hold pending full payment. They are no longer available. In the event the contract is not met, they will be put back up for sale. Thanks

Black German Angora Buck
(Not for sale)