Herbal remedies

Herbal remedies for bunny owners

Some of the following herbs have proven to be life saver, like willow. Other herbs are much more subtle and I have not yet been able to determine whether their fame is justified or not.


Both leaves and fruit are extremely tonic and blood cooling, especially good for pregnant does and very helpful on hot summer’s days. Blackberry leaves also seem to stimulate a failing appetite.


The two most important things about this herb are the ability to greatly increase the milk flow of nursing moms and to be mildly laxative.


Very important herb to have around. It’s flower is a famed blood cleanser and pain reducer. It also seems to calm down nervous animals. My family drinks chamomile tea to soothe upset stomachs. The tea can also be used as an eyewash for the occasional weepy eye.


Possesses “Cholin”, a very powerful healing agents. Old Farmers call this wonderful herb by the name of “knit bone”. It encourages the natural healing process and speeds up formation of new bone. Great herb for sickly, stressed or weakened bunnies. Feed both root and foliage or apply compress externally to bruised or sprained area.


On of my personal favorites. Extremely tonic and blood purifying. Booth root and foliage can be used. The root produces a very pretty colorfast dye also.


Seems to be the supreme immunization of stock against infectious diseases. It is highly antiseptic. Only problem is :How do you get a bunny to eat it without hiding it in spaghetti sauce? If you have any suggestions, PLEASE let me know.


Dried mint is very good for bunnies with loose stool. It also decreases milk flow, excellent treat for moms with mastitis or during weaning time.


Strongly antiseptic. Great tonic and blood cleanser too. Very tasty herb for humans and animals alike.


Great as “baby’s first food”, low in starch ,high in mineral content, especially potassium, phosphorus and calcium. Rich in vitamin E and G. Important for strong teeth, nails and hair. Feed sparingly in summer though.


This herb is very rich in Iron and copper, therefore it enriches the blood. Parsley yields “apiol”, possessing carminative properties. This substance is important in the treatment of urinary problems. All parts of the plant are used, including the roots. Seeds are highly tonic. Roots are used for constipation and obstruction of the intestines.


Prevention and treatment of female ailments like retained afterbirth. Improves condition during pregnancy, ensuring speedy and strong birth. Also wonderful cure for digestive ailments.


Nice herb to give during flea season, in case your cat or dog likes to visit the rabbitry for a chat now and then…


Another refrigerant herbs. Very cooling and soothing, it is a much cherished treat in the Summer.


Whole plant is antiseptic and cooling. Leaves are rich in iron and are supposed to prevent miscarriage. Externally used for inflamed areas, rashes and sore eyes.


I am blessed with a great number of willow trees growing on the bank of my pond. It is the first thing I gather in case one of my bunnies has diarrhea. The bark of this wonderful tree contains a crystalline substance called salicin, which cures intestinal inflammation. I place a fresh branch in my weaning cage every day to prevent stress induced diarrhea. Rabbits positively love the slightly bitter taste and also enjoy playing with it.

I have covered only a few of the herbs that can be used medicinally. I am reluctant to suggest herbs that I have not personally tried. There are also a good number of herbs that can prove dangerous if not used correctly or in the wrong dosage. Keep in mind when feeding any of the herbs listed here, give small amounts if your bunny is not used to it, unless it is a plant famed for curing stomach upsets. If your bunny is exhibiting signs of serious illness consult your vet right away and don’t try to treat it yourself.