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Do male rabbits make better pets than female rabbits? Also, can rabbits be neutered after mating? Or should they be not be allowed to mate if they will be neutered? Thank you in advance for your answers!
Jul. 28, 2013
Either make great pets. Sometimes males will spray. Neutering usually will help this. Male rabbits can be neutered at any time. There is no set rules to go by. Sometimes there is no need to neuter your boy. If not don't.

I think my bunny has fur mites. It is scratching on the back of its neck and it is a bit oily there. What can I use for it?
Jul. 28, 2013
For a pet it is cheap and easy to use Cat Flea Powder is an effective treatment for wool mites. Just sprinkle it liberally onto the affected areas. It is great for spot treatments. DO NOT use any other kind of flea powder, that may be toxic to rabbits and that might not be effective against fur mites.

Is it necessary to spay my doe?
Jul. 28, 2013
No, there is no good reason to spay your doe. Don't fall into the trap - all things must be altered! The biggest reason being it puts your bunny at great risk of dying when you put them under anesthesia. No good can come of it.

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