What To Expect With Your New Bunny

Here is what to expect when you purchase an Angora bunny from Woolie Creations.

So, you have put a deposit on your Angora bunny that you picked out. What do you do next? Hopefully, you have done some research and asked any questions you may have about what care an Angora rabbit needs. If not, now is a good time to start. I have several FB groups that I would recommend. German Angora Rabbits, Blue Eyed White Angoras, and Angora Fiber Bunnies.  There is a lot of info in each group. You can also send me an email and ask.

Please make sure you have your cage set up before you receive your bunny, so the transition is as least stressful for your new Angora as possible.

Non-Refundable deposit – There is a $50 dollar deposit to hold the bunny until you pay for the balance. The deposit is part of the purchase price, and is deducted from the price of the bunny. The deposit is to hold the Angora, and take it off the for sale list. Plesae make sure when you send your deposit that it is sent friends and family. If it is not i will return it and have you resend it. If you don’t make arrangements to pickup the bunny within a reasonable time ( 2 weeks from the wean date ) your deposit will be forfeited, and goes to the maintenance of the bunny and holding it just for you, when it could have been placed in another home. By placing a deposit on a bunny, you agree to this. Sometimes the transporter falls a little beyond the 2 weeks. Just make sure the breeder is notified and agrees to this. We are people too and have lives. There is a lot to work around. In the unfortunate chance something happens to the bunny before it is ready to go, the deposit will be refunded or forwarded to another bunny.

Your Angora will need to be paid for in full at least 3 days prior to me meeting the transporter.AGAIN Plesae make sure when you send your money, that it is sent friends and family. If it is not i will return it and have you resend it. I have a lot to do to get your bunny ready to go and I don’t want to worry about the payment. If you are picking up your bunny, bring your remaining balance then. I will have the pedigree and transition feed for you.

You will need to make arrangements with a transporter if you can not come to pick up your bunny. Look on my transporter page for links to search for one. It is your responsibility to either pick up your bunny, or find a transporter, not the breeders. You will need to keep the breeder informed as to what day the transporter is picking up the bunny to avoid a mix up.

If it is hot, and it usually is, your bunny will be clipped down. I will take a picture before your Angora gets clipped and send it to you. Don’t worry, the fluff grows back quickly. The exception to this will be if you bunny is young. It is stressful for bunnies to ship, so this is just a step to keep them as comfortable as possible.

You will be emailed a full pedigree for your bunny after it is paid in full. I provide colors on the German Angoras as well. I like to keep up with the colors, so I would think you would also.

I send transition feed with your bunny. Use this to mix with your feed, to slowly change over your Angora from my feed to yours. This is an important step, as bunnies can get an upset tummy from switching feed all at once. This can very dangerous to your bunnies health.

My rabbits drink out of crocks and are not use to water bottles. If you use water bottles, it may take a little while for them to catch on. Keep an eye on their water intake, and make sure they are getting plenty of water. I also feed horse quality hay.

After you get your Angora home, let it rest. It has been with a stranger for a day or two, and needs time to decompress and get use to you. It may be afraid as it is in a strange environment. Just be patient and rub it’s head. They will be loving all over you in no time.

If you have any questions please email me.